Sunday, January 26, 2020

Why Use Press Releases As A Marketing Strategy

Everyone in business has heard of press releases, right? 

We all know that press releases are what corporations release to the media for news distribution. But what almost no one understands about press releases is the search engine optimization (SEO) power it provides in marketing your business online. 

When a press release is written and submitted correctly, it will get found on the number one search engine in the world, along with influential media outlets.

Google and others see these links as high value as they are coming from official news sources. When your release is submitted correctly, Google will list the press release in its news service, bringing you more traffic the day after you publish.

When done correctly, your return on investment is enormous because the cost of the writing and submitting a press release is in the range of $0 to $200. 

You only have to write a press release once a month, which is something that you can easily do and manage yourself. 

Many people tell me they don't know how to write a press release.

Well, my answer to them is, I'm going to share with you how to write a press release so that you can attract highly qualified leads to your product or service or the next few weeks. 

For small business owners that want hands-on training, I'm hosting a new masterclass every fourth Thursday of the Month called "Writing A Press Release." By the end of the virtual live class, you will have written and submitted your first press release for distribution. 


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