Thursday, January 23, 2020

This Marketing Strategy Actually Worked

The day my self-education finally paid off...

In 2009 I was lying in bed listening to my daughter read her book to me.

"Daddy, wake up." She said.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, Daddy is tired. It's been a long day at work." 

You see, in 2009, I was a single parent.

My daughter would be one of the first to arrive at daycare, and she would be one of the last to be picked up because I had a long workday and had to deal with an even longer commute back home. 

When we arrived at home, I would cook dinner, usually a pasta dish…. because, that was quick and simple.

Cooking is not something that I enjoy doing.

I can do it, but I have no desire to cook, I would instead bake. 

I enjoy baking the family recipe pancakes and apple pie. But we can't eat pancakes and apple pie every day… So I was forced to cook pasta and the occasional salmon or tuna. 

I remember putting my daughter to bed that night, thinking I have to find another way to earn the same amount of income but with less time spent.

As Robert Kiyosaki said in his Top Selling Book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad," the pathway to wealth and financial freedom is operating in the Right Side of the Cashflow Quadrant. You can either be a business owner or an Investor. I'm currently on the left side, Employee

Well, based on my default introvert personality… I figured investing is the better path to start. And plus I really didn't have a business idea to start in the "Business" quadrant. 

But man, I lost money trying to invest… 

So now, I have to find a way to make up the money that I lost… 

How am I going to do that?

A second job is not a solution. My daughter is already in daycare for the near-maximum time allowed.

The only solution I could think of is starting a business. I could start a home business and work on it at night and a few more hours on the weekends. 

In my research in searching for a home business, I came across ways to market your business using internet marketing techniques. Which peaked a desire to learn more.

Around this time, a buddy of mine was looking to start a race team and race shop. He's been a racing fan all of his life. New every NHRA top dragster and crew chief. He grew up building engines with his father.

I volunteered to help market his race shop as a way to test this new-found knowledge of marketing online. 

So once or twice a week, I would write a blog article talking about an upcoming race and the results of the past race. Also, I would write a press release article each week during racing season, announcing their attendance in the weekend race event. 

After about six weeks of consistently writing blog articles and press releases, I received a phone call from a local newspaper writer. He wanted to interview the race team owner. 

I asked how he heard of the team.. and he mentioned he find out about us through one of the press release sites. Wow… that was amazing…

"This actually works."

The editor featured the race team in the local newspaper, which jump-started my buddies race shop business. 

Now I had proof that this online marketing thing can work. 

Would you like to know what I found out?

Are you interested in how I was able to get my buddies business up and running with literally no money?

If yes, then over the next few weeks I'm going to share with you how to write a press release so that you can attract highly qualified leads to your product or service. 

For those that want hands-on training, I'm hosting a new masterclass every fourth Thursday of the Month called "Writing A Press Release." By the end of the virtual live class, you will have written and submitted your first press release for distribution. So you can begin to attract highly qualified leads to sell your products and services and help people make a difference in their lives too!

So go signup for the live training now, and let's see where it could take you!


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